Pilates Immersion Coaching

Back in Balance

Rebecca Downes

Pilates Immersion

25 GBP


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Immersion co...


Seated and S...

WHAT WILL YOU GET? Check out these great features!

Tips and techniques, breaking down the principles so you achieve great execution.

Structured lessons to guide you from complete beginner to strong intermediate

Bitesize sessions so you can fit them into your busy schedule


Do I need any equipment?

You will need a mat. A sitting block, an 9 " soft ball and a flex band are highly recommended


I am pregnant. Is this suitable for me?

Unfortunately not. You should get in contact with a pre natal exercise specialist.


I have health concerns. Can I do pilates as I've heard it's gentle?

You should always get confirmation from a health care specialist that you ae fit to exercise before embarking on any exercise program.